Be Sure to Read the Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

by Samuel Horton on

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma

Publisher: Dutton Juvenile

Release date: June 14, 2011

Pages: 352

Summary: When Chloe was fourteen, she was dared by her older sister Ruby to swim across the ravine—a body of water that drowned the mysterious town of Olive many years ago. On her way out, Chloe stumbles upon the body of London, a girl from her school. After London’s death, Chloe’s father takes her away from her old life—and Ruby.

Now, two years later, Ruby has come for Chloe, insisting that things will go back to the way they were. Chloe is thrilled to move back in with Ruby, and discovers that Ruby was telling the truth. Exhibit A? London is alive again.

My thoughts: Imaginary Girls is creepy, spine-tingling, and absolutely gorgeous. Nova Ren Suma’s sweet tale of sisterhood is laced with darkness, and her writing is stunning. It’s difficult to put my finger on what genre Imaginary Girls falls under—it has fantasy elements but is mostly about the bond between Ruby and Chloe. Either way, I completely fell in love with Imaginary Girls, and I have no doubt that you will, too.

Chloe was a wonderful narrator. She notices the little details, and through Nova Ren Suma’s fabulous writing, describes everything in detail.

And then there’s Ruby. Ruby, who parts crowds of people with her presence. Ruby, who is the perfect portrait of confidence and power. I found myself admiring her fierce strength and incredible loyalty (and later becoming uncomfortable at her frightening secret). Ruby’s love for Chloe borders on unnatural, but it depicts how indestructible the bonds of sisterhood are.

The mystery aspect of Imaginary Girls came as a bit of a surprise to me, considering its fantasy elements, but I was absolutely intrigued with it. Nothing is as it seems, and almost every conflict resolution is unexpected. Nova Ren Suma expertly incorporates supernatural into some aspects of the story, while she allows other aspects (like the relationship between Ruby and Chloe) to be more realistic.

I would absolutely, one hundred percent recommend Imaginary Girls to any YA reader. It completely defies expectations and takes you to a place that is both confusing and awe-inspiring. If you are looking for something unique and a tad creepy, Imaginary Girls is the perfect choice.

At the moment I am thinking about what to read next, do you have any ideas, guys?

5/5 stars

Written by: Samuel Horton