Have You Read This Book: Hereafter by Tara Hudson?

by Samuel Horton on

Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Publisher: HarperTeen

Release date: June 7, 2011

Pages: 416

Summary: Amelia is dead. She’s been dead for so long, she can’t even remember her own demise. Things change when she saves Joshua from drowning, and certain memories begin to return. Something’s amiss about Amelia’s death, and she needs to figure out what before others go the same way she did.

My thoughts: Hereafter is an adorable, somewhat cheesy story about the love shared between a ghost and the only boy who can see her. I admit, I was expecting a bit more substance going into Hereafter, but I read the review of an assignment writing service on this book and quickly put my expectations aside and just enjoyed the story. Though it’s not particularly deep or moving, Hereafter is a light, fun read that kept me thoroughly engaged.

Amelia isn’t a stand-out heroine, but she does bring a good heart to the table. As she remembers more about her past and tries to define herself, it’s easier to connect with her. Plus, reading from the perspective of a dead girl is certainly refreshing.

Joshua was a super sweet love interest—the way he interacts with Amelia is positively swoon-worthy, and I quickly fell for his good-boy demeanor. It’s nice to see the nice, non-creepy (or not-chronically-moody) boy get the girl. The connection between Joshua and Amelia could be described as insta-love, but it felt a bit more real than that.

The beginning of Hereafter mainly focuses on the romance between Amelia and Joshua, but towards the end of the book, the story picks up quite a bit, and the paranormal aspect is highlighted. A suspenseful ending left me eager to read more about Amelia and Joshua.

Hereafter is a book for lovers of paranormal romance. It has it all—a cute love interest, a likable protagonist, and a fun supernatural element. Tara Hudson tells the story with finesse, and though Hereafter doesn’t feel entirely fresh, it is still very enjoyable.

At the moment I am thinking about what to read next, do you have any ideas, guys? If yes, let me know in the comments below where you’re welcome to leave your opinion as well. See you soon!

Don’t forget to make some tea and read a few pages before going to bed. Now, guys, go and have a nice day! Remember it is always good to read a cool story but it’s better to live it!

3.5/5 stars